Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 Sleep Earbuds | White (A6610021)


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  • Comfortable, Even for Side Sleepers
  • 4-Point Noise Masking System to Cover Noise For Sleep
  • Unlimited Audio via Bluetooth and the soundcore App
  • Dynamic Drivers for Sleep-Inducing Sound
  • Manage Your Sleep Health with Sleep Monitoring and
  • Personal Alarm Clock

Note: For optimal performance, use the latest version of the soundcore app

Only 1 left in stock

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    Tiny Size, Lightweight Build

    Sleep A10’s slim profile and lightweight build fit comfortably in your ears throughout the night, even if you sleep on your side or move around a lot.

    Note: Choose the most suitable-sized ear tips for your ear canals. If you’re using the wrong-sized ear tips or Sleep A10 is not worn correctly in your ears, the Bluetooth connection may be unstable.

    Soft and Durable

    Choose from 3 sizes of ear wings and 4 pairs of Twin Seal ear tips to find the ideal combination for your ears. Made from soft, flexible silicone, they cushion your ears for all-night comfort.

    Cover Disruptive Noises

    Sleep A10 uses sleep sounds to cover disruptive noises. Smart Volume Control can be enabled to automatically adjust the volume of sleep sounds to mask external noise.

    Note: Noise Masking is not active noise cancelling (ANC). It reduces the chance of sleep disruption by adding background sounds.


    Passive Noise Blocking by Ear Wings and Ear Tips

    Ear wings and Twin Seal ear tips create a secure seal for comfortable passive noise cancelling.

    Note: Sleep A10 does not support active noise cancelling (ANC). It keeps disruptive noises at bay with sealed ear tips, ear wings, and background music.


    Enjoy Virtually Unlimited Audio

    Connect to Sleep A10 via Bluetooth to listen to virtually unlimited content.

    Note: Do not use them outdoors, which may cause unstable performance. Indoor usage (e.g. bedroom) ensures peak performance.


    Library of Sleep Sounds

    Choose a sleep sound from the library in the app and then transfer it to Sleep A10 in Music mode.


    Sleep Sounds Just for You

    After transferring the music to your earbuds, press play in the Sleep mode and fall into a deep slumber.


    Always Ready for Sleep

    Each charge of Sleep A10 provides up to 6 hours in Music mode, 10 hours in Sleep mode, or 8 hours when you combine both modes*. The charging case adds 40 hours and is charged via a USB-C cable.


    Tailored for Sleep-Inducing Sounds

    Sleep A10’s dynamic drivers are tailored to produce low-frequency sounds that are 10dB lower than magnetic drivers. This enhances white noise and other sleep sounds to help you fall asleep faster.


    Monitor Your Sleep Patterns

    Sleep A10 monitors the duration and quality of sleep over the course of the night and provides a sleep quality report in the app.


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