PenPower WorldPenScan Go | Reading Pen Scanner & Translator (SWPSGO01TC)


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WorldPenScan Go is a portable scanning translation pen that is easy to carry. This is an intelligent product that integrates scanning, OCR (text recognition), sentence translation, voice translation and reading aloud technologies. After connecting to the Internet, it allows you to chat in multilingual conversations.

  • Scan and read long sentences and words
  • Words can be scanned and translated immediately
  • Instant two-way speech to text
  • Wifi connection cross-platform app – Win / Mac / iOS / Android
  • Scan text for editing – Accurately recognize multiple fonts (OCR)
  • Bluetooth headset support – Color LCD touch screen

In stock


    Copy data without typing, scan and enter immediately!

    • Instantly scan text data to your phone/computer for easy editing!
    • Can add iOS input method, scan input to any app, such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.
    • Wi-Fi wireless connection, fast data transmission


    Two-way AI automatic speech translation of 114 languages

    • Translate in real-time, no longer afraid to talk with foreigners
    • Efficient features at the interpreter level
    • The translation is played while the text is rendered on the LCD screen
    • It can be amplified or connected to a Bluetooth headset to play


    Long sentences can be scanned and read immediately

    • Whole-sentence translation, easy to understand 57 languages
    • Easily check business documents and work more efficiently
    • Buy books in foreign languages for children to learn to read independently!


    Scan to translate text and listen to the pronunciation

    • After scanning, listen to the pronunciation, which can be amplified or connected to a Bluetooth headset.
    • You can choose British or American pronunciation, and it is more efficient to learn while listening and reading.


    Intelligent speech recognition, instant speech to text

    • HD noise reduction, precise voice recognition


    Albanian, Arabic (United Arab Emirates), Azerbaijani, Basque (Spain), Belarusian, Bosnian Language, Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Catalonia (Spain), Cebuan, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsica, Czech (Czech Republic), Danish, Dutch (Netherlands), English (US), Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino (Philippines), Finnish language, French (France), Galician (Spain), German (Germany), Haiti Krony, Hindi, Hrvatski (Croatia), Hungarian (Hungary), Icelandic (Iceland), Indonesian, Italian (Italy), Japanese, Java (Indonesia), Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian (Lithuania), Macedonian (Republic of Macedonia), Malaysian (Brunei), Nepal, Norwegian (Norway), Pashto (Afghanistan), Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian, Serbian, Slovakia (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Spanish (Spain), Swahili (Tanhania), Swedish, Tamil, Thai (Thailand), Turkish, Ukraine (Ukraine), Uzbek (Uzbek), Vietnamese (Vietnam)

    Algeria (Arabic) , Argentina (Spanish) , Armenia (Armenian) , Australia (English) , Bahamas (English) , Bahrain (Arabic) , Belize (English) , Bengal (Bengali) , Bolivia (Spanish) , Brazil (Portuguese) , Bulgaria (Bulgarian) , Cambodia (Cambodian) , Canada (English) , Canada (In French) , Chile (Spanish) , China (Cantonese) , China (Mandarin) , Colombia (Spanish) , Costa Rica (Spanish) , Croatia (Croatian) , Czech (Czech Republic) , Denmark (Danish) , Dominican (Spanish) , Dominique (English) , Ecuador (Spanish) , Egypt (Arabic) , El Salvador (Spanish) , Fiji (English) , Finland (Finnish) , France (French) , Germany (German) , Ghana (English) , Greece (Greek) , Guatemala (Spanish) , Guyana (English) , Honduras (Spanish) , Hungary (Hungarian) , Iceland (Icelandic) , India (Bengali) , India (English) , India (Hindi) , India (Tamil) , Indonesia (Indonesian) , Indonesia (Java) , Indonesia (Sundanese) , Iraq (Arabic) , Ireland (English) , Israel (Arabic) , Israel (Hebrew) , Italy (Italiano) , Jamaica (English) , Japan (Japanese) , Jordan (Arabic) , Kenya (English) , Kenya (Swahili) , Korea (Korean) , Kuwait (Arabic) , Latvia (Latvian) , Lebanon (Arabic) , Lithuanian (Lithuanian) , Malaysia (Malay) , Malaysia (Tamil) , Mauritania (Arabic) , Mexico (Spanish) , Morocco (Arabic) , Nepal (Nepali) , Netherlands (Dutch) , New Zealand (English) , Nicaragua (Spanish) , Nigeria (English) , Norway (Norwegian) , Oman (Arabic) , Panama (Spanish) , Paraguay (Spanish) , Peru (Spanish) , Philippines (English) , Philippines (Filipino) , Poland (Polish) , Portugal (Portuguese) , Puerto Rico (Spanish) , Qatar (Arabic) , Romania (Romanian) , Russia (Russian) , Saudi (Arabic) , Serbia (Serbian) , Singapore (Tamil) , Slovakia (Slovak) , Slovenia (Slovenian) , South Africa (Afrikaans) , South Africa (English) , Spain (Catalan) , Spain (Spanish) , Sri Lanka (Sinhalese) , Sri Lanka (Tamil) , St. Kitts (English) , State of Palestine (Arabic) , Sudan (Arabic) , Sweden (Swedish) , Switzerland (French) , Tanzania (English) , Tanzania (Swahili) , Thailand (Thai) , Traditional Chinese , Tunisia (Arabic) , Turkey (Turkish) , Ukraine (Ukrainian) , United Arab Emirates (Arabic) , United Kingdom (English) , United States (English) , United States (Spanish) , Uruguay (Spanish) , Venezuela (Spanish) , Vietnam (Vietnamese) , Yemen (Arabic)

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