The ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock is a welcome innovation docking solution that takes users beyond tradition and into the realm of limitless potential. Experience universal compatibility with dynamic power charging of up to 100w to notebooks*, Automated firmware updates, Next-level plug-and-play. Everything you’d want from the future of docking is here. It’s perfect for mixed PC environments too, giving users the freedom to connect any USB Type C industry standard Notebooks*.

* Lenovo USB-C & Thunderbolt Docks function with notebooks that support industry standard USB-C Alt-Mode or Thunderbolt protocols through their Type C port. Lenovo USB-C and Thunderbolt Docks support additional features, such as MAC address passthrough, WOL and mirrored power button, on most Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, but these features may not be available on certain other Lenovo notebooks or non-Lenovo branded notebook systems. ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock can charge a Notebook up to 100W with a 135W Slim Tip power adapter connected to the Dock.